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Party your way to pink

Pink Castle in Florida
Pink Castle in Florida

Ever dreamed of becoming a Princess? Maybe just need some relaxing time away from it all. Tupperware has a Fantastic trip  that can be earned by it's work force team. The award is a luxurious trip to a pink castle to be pampered. Join local Consultant  Deborah Morris and her team as they work their way into this trip. Anyone who joins the Tupperware team right now will have a chance to earn it also.

We are currently in the last month to earn the trip. With your Tupperware order, or hosting a Tupperware party right now, not only will the trip be closer to being earned, great gifts will be awarded to the hostess.

This is a great time to join also, because Tupperware is getting ready for a very special time in Tupperware, called Record Breaker. AS a hostess, there are many great gifts, but as a consultant there are more. details to follow soon.....

For more information on becoming pink, placing an order, or just the opportunity, contact Deborah.