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Party wines (part 1)

Party wines

I've been reading some other wine sites and newspaper articles and it seems the term "party wines" is coming up all over the place. Things like, "the ultimate party wine", "6 great party wines" and "party wines for the big event"; have me wondering; what exactly is a party wine?

We all know what wine is but what singles out a particular wine as a party wine? I have to admit, these ponderings are racing through my head as I try to navigate Independence Blvd in Charlotte's rush-hour traffic. Dodging speeding Cadillac's and the crazies out here isn't the best atmosphere for wine thoughts, but I just can't help it. What is a party wine?!

If we take this route, we first have to decide on what constitutes a party or at least what kind of party we are talking about. Oh crap, more to think about . ."Hey, watch were you're going". Sorry, now I'm on the overpass and it's a mad house. One day we should look into this friggin traffic and the crazies running Charlotte. Maybe another time.

So what's a party? My granddaughter's idea of a party is quite different from mine so let's try to split up our parties by age category. Middle school, elementary school and below is one category. They can't drink so let's throw that one out.

High School would be our next group. Hmm, we could delve into this area and the memories of high school days gone by, but the traffic is horrendous so; they are too young also. Throw them out.

College parties, oh yes, I do remember those days. For arguments sake let's assume we are talking only about those of drinking age in these establishments of higher education. Finally, we have our first real category; and an open lane on I-77, woo-hoo!

Next would be those ages 22 to about 29. They are out of college and looking for, or working hard, in their first jobs.

Then we have the middle-aged category; and no, I am not going to get stuck trying to define their ages.

Last I guess there are those "of retirement age". Yea, I'm off I-77. Finally!

Ok, what were we pondering? Oh yeah, party wines. And I am going to need a glass of wine when I get home. That reminds me, I have a party to go to tomorrow. I'll need to bring something. Wine is always a good thing to take. Hmm, but which wine?

A party wine would be nice. I should really think about doing an article on party wines sometime. Maybe when the traffics not so bad.

Be careful out there this holiday season.


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