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Party State: The first ever House Party App


Party State is a platform that connects all those who love partying and meeting new people. It's an app based on recreating the spontaneity and free spirit attitude of house parties, frat parties and even raves and flash mobs at any given time. From a simple idea born out of the imaginations of two party-loving dreamers, sitting in a bar on a slow night, yearning for something to liven it up. If only there were a house party to go to, they thought. There must have been something happening, but where? Imagining a world where partiers would be able to simply know where the next house party’s at, and fueled by enthusiasm, belief, and a passion for partying, they came up with an idea that would revolutionize the party scene; a platform which would connect all party lovers and like-minded people.

Perks include wristbands, shirts, party pesos, party trophies, and premium status.

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