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Party Pretty

You never know who might be under the mistletoe. Here are fail-safe tips to looking your best at this year's holiday parties.

1. Back to basics.

Get your skin in the best condition possible with the Wonderbar. Seriously, this thing is amazing. Yes, it's expensive, but it really, really works. You'll glow.

2. Hydrate.

Votre Vu's Mal-Ligne wrinkle eraser and Eye Gelee will get your skin plump and gorgeous.

3. Shine.

Smashbox, right now, is selling their best products in a line called "Wish" from which the proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network. They make great gifts both for others and yourself. And--they are filled with perfect party make-up. Start by priming your skin with the Photo Finish Primer and Lid Primer. Follow with Photo Op under eye illuminator. Line with a gold pencil in the corners and black near the edges. Add a cream blush--I love Tarte-- and finish by sweeping Fusion Softlights over your nose and cheekbones. Finish with NYX lipstick (what an amazing light and airy texture).

4. Get me bodied.

Work out the day-of the party if you can. No, you won't appear to have lost weight. But, you will have a healthy glow. After your shower don't forget to moisturize with a lightly scented and rich cream. Some top faves include Orlane's Active Hydration, Payot's Nutricia and Thymes Kimono Rose. Follow with a favorite fragrance.

5. Smile.

Smiling will fix any hair or make-up issues you are dealing with. Get that smle ready with Crest 3D Whitestrips. Even applyng one on the day of will make your smile appear whiter.

7. Play dress up.

A good little black dress will take you anywhere. And it doesn't have to be expensive. Lauren Conrad's line at Kohls is pretty unforgetable, well-made and stylish. The Vintage Chic dress is a knock-out and only $60. Pair with the Bar Harbor Clutch ($32) and you'll have an ensemble for every gathering.


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