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Party Playlist: Sleigh Bells vs. Ke$ha

Not every party begins and ends with Nicki Minaj and not every party has to have a pooper. Party playlists are crucial to the moods of your guests, and unfortunately, not every guest has the same taste in music. While Bon Iver seems like the perfect playlist addition for a quiet night in with a bottle of red and a few friends, Britney Spears may be your cup of tea. To spruce up your party or pregame tunes, try to appeal to a multitude of personalities and tastes. Sometimes music makes the most sense when it doesn’t all sound the same.


Ke$ha, for your more pop-inspired friends. Even if you sway toward a more indie sound, throwing in a bit of Ke$ha here or there may not only satisfy your friends, but you might be surprised. Of course, nobody wants to be tortured by the same overplayed radio hits you were forced into hearing fifteen times over one loudspeaker or another yesterday. To switch it up, choose a random track off of one of her older albums. Chances are you’ll inspire conversation or questions and who knows? You might like it.
Favorite Track: Kiss N Tell

Sleigh Bells, for your “I never listen to the radio” friends. While the extent of your music-listening abilities may reach as far as Top 40 and whatever is playing on Z100, spruce up your playlist with something different. Sleigh Bells brings high energy and a different side to pop music. Your Top 40 friends and you will no doubt be surprised with what isn’t on the radio, and your anti-radio friends will be surprised you’ve even ever heard of Sleigh Bells.
Favorite Track: Riot Rhythm

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