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2014 Winter Olympics

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Party playlist: Olympics

Karly Shorr, Olympics slopestyle
Karly Shorr, Olympics slopestyle
Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Not every party begins and ends with Nicki Minaj and not every party has to have a pooper. Party playlists are crucial to the moods of your guests, and unfortunately, not every guest has the same taste in music. In this week’s party playlist, it’s all about the Olympics. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for this entire year, you know that we’re now at the start of the Winter Olympics, held in Sochi. Despite all of the issues with location and political tension, watching the Olympics with your friends is the thing to do. For the various moods you may experience while watching the various sports brought to you by The Olympics on NBC.

For the snowboarder in you: Extreme sports, extreme music. Family Force 5 always brings the energy to their music. While you may be a Dashboard Confessional kind of guy or girl, watching slopestyle is not the time for your friends to be privy to your emotional swings. “Earthquake” is a personal favorite, but hear “Love Addict” for a FF5 classic.

For the figure skater in you: Though seen as an activity with a feminine flair, figure skating is a difficult sport with a dark side (see Nancy Kerrigan vs. Tonya Harding). The best addition to your party playlist would include a song with triumphant musicality but with a driving force. “Us” by Regina Spektor is fun and light, but bursts with confidence and strength.

For the speed skater in you: Speed skating is a sport built for those that need the kind of rush only comparable to that felt while on a hard drug of some sort (cocaine?) Presumably. Get your Olympics high from “Drum Song” by Temper Trap. A song so intoxicating you’ll feel its energy deep within before hearing the song itself.