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Party Planning 101: Basics for planning your next gathering

Get out your pen and paper for this
Get out your pen and paper for this

Planning a party or gathering can seem a little daunting and many people don't entertain due to this very reason.  They think that it's too much work and they aren't really sure where to begin.  Not everyone is a natural when it comes to hospitality and party planning.  But anyone can do it with a little basic training.  

Here are the preliminary steps to planning your event:


1) Decide what kind of event you want- is it a birthday party, holiday, baby shower, or just because?

2) Select a theme.  For instance, if you are hosting a Christmas Party, make it a themed, like "snowflakes and icicles" or "Santa and his Elves".  Don't worry too much yet about specifics, just decide on the theme for now.

3) Select a date and time.  Think about the days and events going on around this date before deciding.  Will people be out of town or will they have to work the next day?  Decide the day and time based on what will give you the best attendance.

4) Who are you going to invite?  Sometimes this dictates the theme.  If you are throwing a 40th birthday party for your best friend who would love a Vegas theme, make sure to account for her Grandmother being there who may not be comfortable at a "Showgirl Costume Party".  On average, only 30% of the guests invited will be able to come.  So over-invite.

5) What is your budget?  Yes, you really MUST create a budget, and sticking to it will probably lead to you throwing more parties.  Too many people throw a party without a plan or budget and then never do it again because it "costs too much".  Call around and do some research online for the best pricing on decorations, party halls, beverages and catering if applicable.

6) Location, Location, Location!  Now that you have taken the steps above- you should be able to think about the WHERE of your party.  Depending on the type of party, you may want to consider renting space.  There are many great places you may not have considered that you can rent for very little. 


Stay tuned for some great ideas and information on the items above.  In the coming weeks I will discuss in detail each of the steps above giving you more in depth information, and soon, you will be known as the "Party Expert" in your circle of family and friends.  


Happy Planning! 



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