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Party Perfect!

In last week’s article there was advice given on some economical ways to decorate for a party. This week the focus is still on partying, but specifically on food presentation. 
Anyone can make terrible food look great and great food look terrible…it’s all about the presentation. Approach it as Stacy and Clinton would on “What Not to Wear”.   As in, think about what kind of party you’re having and what sort of food is going to be served. Crystal and sloppy joes don’t really go together, neither does caviar and paper plates. This doesn’t mean that you have to match everything, but you should make sure they coordinate. 
When a buffet is the serving choice opt for serving pieces with varying heights. This adds interest and also brings attention to the main dishes and showstoppers. Cake plates footed bowls and even martini glasses are some interesting choices. Mixing and matching pieces of a similar style makes adds interest. Using different colors and patterns is lovely as well. Dishes with a neutral color palate can be paired with anything, but using them with a bolder, brighter piece anchors the bright piece and livens up the neutral. If mixing patterns make sure they have a coordinating color and that they don’t fight each other.
Some out there might question: What does it matter? There’s going to be food there and no one cares anyway! While it’s true that the dishes aren’t the focus they will be seen, especially when the food is gone. More importantly though, a well dressed table and beautifully presented menu show your guests that you really did care enough to make an effort. And making your guests feel cared for is what makes a great host and/or hostess!
Now let’s party like it’s 199…er…2009! 
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