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Party on wheels: Buzz Bike is Dallas' first mobile pub

Revelers experience Buzz Bike, Dallas' first mobile pub
Revelers experience Buzz Bike, Dallas' first mobile pub
Courtesy of Buzz Bike and Huberto Ruiz Jr.

What’s big and yellow, has ten pedals and four wheels, and carries its very own bartender? It’s the Buzz Bike and it promises a party experience unlike any other. Dubbing itself a “mobile pub,” the specially made party bike has been drawing stares from gawkers near downtown Dallas since January. The bike is a business venture between two friends, Maribel Navarro and Gloria Flores, who got the idea after seeing a similar concept in action in Houston. “We thought, ‘Why not bring it to Dallas?’” Navarro says.

The Buzz Bike holds up to sixteen passengers. After picking out their favorite tour route, it’s time to load up the booze. Not the hard stuff, mind you, only beer and wine are allowed. One of the guests becomes the bartender and takes his place in a standee position in the middle of the bike. Finally, a representative of the company is designated as the pilot. Then the pedaling—and drinking—begins. “The more people pedaling, the easier it is for the group,” Navarro says.

Um, sounds fun….but isn’t that drinking and driving? Not according to Navarro. “The pilot is one of our employees, and he’s the one steering the bike. He doesn’t get to drink. He’s there to make sure everyone has a safe and responsible time.” What about Texas’ pesky open container law? The Buzz Bike owners have that covered, too. “We’re cool as long as you don’t take it off the bike.”

So exactly what kind of customer is Buzz Bike attracting? “It’s fun for so many different groups,” Navarro says. “We see a lot of corporate events, birthday parties, singles mixers, pub crawls, bachelor or bachelorette parties, divorce and wedding parties, you name it. It’s just a unique way to see downtown. Plus, you’re burning calories in a fun way.” While we’re doubtful anyone sees the Buzz Bike as a serious form of exercise, the squeals of delight we hear as the bike zips down McKinney Avenue probably means its not the worst way to spend a weekend afternoon.

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