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'Party Down South' star Ryan Richards funnels entire bottle of Jagermeister

Cast of "Party Down South"
Cast of "Party Down South"
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Season 2 of “Party Down South” has been full of dramatic twists. From everyone finding out about the “friends with benefits” arrangement Taylor and Ryan had to Murray getting a "hummer" in the bathroom at the bar, there has been no shortage of shock value. The show is virtually centered around drinking and partying all the time, and sometimes things get a little out of hand. According to a July 16 report from TMZ, there is a video which has leaked of Ryan Richards funneling an entire bottle of Jagermeister from his famous beer funnel with Mattie Breaux cheering him on.

The entire cast of “Party Down South” is basically paid to party. From having house parties to bar hopping, there is alcohol available at any given time. Fans who watch the show know what to expect from this bunch, and while the funneling was dangerous, it was not shocking to people who know Ryan Richards. The good news is he wasn't hurt in the process.

The six cast members have become like family since shooting the first season of “Party Down South.” Fans know that Ryan and Taylor had a fling going on, Tiffany and Taylor are besties, and everyone keeps in touch pretty regularly. Many of them interact with their fans on Twitter. Ryan actually tweeted about making TMZ for the second time. The first incident included higher security when the cast attended the CMT Awards due to threats of Murray and Ryan exposing themselves on the red carpet.

Many of the viewers who watch “Party Down South” are young adults and teens, but it isn't just them. This is the highest rated show for the CMT network, which means it is making them a lot of money. The newest episode will air Thursday night, and Grant will be arriving to spend time with Taylor. Fans are anticipating a lot of drama, especially with Ryan still carrying feelings for Taylor.