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'Party Down South' star Lyle Boudreaux arrested for burglary in Louisiana

Party Down South” has been quite a hit with the younger crowd. The show revolves around eight people from the southern region of the United States. They are put in South Carolina for the summer and chaos ensues. Lyle Boudreaux has been one of the favorites on the show. He is known for sleeping with Lauren the first night they arrived in the house and then moving on to Mattie. That is just one example of poor choices Boudreaux made. According to a Feb. 25 report from The State, Lyle Boudreaux was arrested for burglary. He was booked in the county jail and released on bail.

This incident has brought publicity to “Party Down South,” but not anything positive. There are several good cast members on the show that will now be affected because of Lyle Boudreaux's actions. Boudreaux was arrested after he broke into a car that was unlocked. The report says he stole various credit cards and some cigarettes. After committing the crime, he went into a bar and attempted to open a tab with a stolen credit card.

In order to apologize for his behavior, Lyle Boudreaux took to Twitter. While no one is sure if the charges will stay, the publicity surrounding the arrest will not disappear overnight. CMT has not commented on the incident. All new episodes of “Party Down South” air on CMT Thursday nights a 9 p.m cst.

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