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'Party Down South' Season 3 shocker: Taylor Wright quits

Cast of "Party Down South"
Cast of "Party Down South"
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Party Down South” has become a huge hit for the CMT network. Each of the eight stars have fan bases, some of which overlap. There is no doubt that Taylor Wright (Lil Bit) was one of the bigger stars on the show after she drew a huge Twitter following during Season 1. Currently Season 2 is airing on the CMT network and a third season has been picked up. According to an August 2 report from TMZ, Taylor Wright has decided to quit the show and not return for Season 3. Fans are bummed over this one!

It is no secret that Taylor Wright has strong faith. She has often been seen praying on “Party Down South.” Wright is said to be worried about her safety while in the house, and doesn't want to compromise her beliefs anymore by continuing on with the show. Fans are supportive of her choosing faith over money, but it will leave a big hole in the cast. Things have been touchy during Season 2 for Wright, especially after it was revealed she had a sexual relationship with Ryan Richards (Daddy).

Ryan Richards took to his Facebook fan page to announce he was heading to the airport to begin filming Season 3 of “Party Down South.” The location has not yet been disclosed, but speculation is that it will be somewhere in either Texas or Tennessee. Richards is based in Florida, so it would have to be far enough to take a flight.

There is no word on whether or not Taylor Wright will be replaced or if the cast will remain unchanged as the original seven continue filming. Wright did not quit over money issues, and even with a raise she would not go back and film another season. It appears that two seasons of partying was enough for Wright, and she is ready to move forward with her life. She will remain on Twitter interacting with her fans and has not yet announced any future plans.