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'Party Down South' cast just happy to be on show; not demanding pay raises

The cast of "Party Down South" haven't become big divas now that they have been on a reality TV show for one season. As reported by RumorFix on Thursday, Feb. 27, the cast of the hit CMT show denied demanding pay raises to star in the show's second season.

TMZ previously reported that the cast, who made $500 per episode, hired a management team to negotiate for pay raises.

“I don’t know, I think that was made up…That is rude [that somebody would make that up], you get fired for saying stuff like that!” said Lyle Boudreaux.

“I have no idea anything about the more money thing. I did hear something about that [in the tabloids], but I really don’t know anything about that. Money is not everything to me. Experience is everything. But if I do happen to be able to be a millionaire – wonderful!” said Walt Windham.

Ryan “Daddy” Richards and Tiffany Heinen are other cast member who denied demanding more money. Ryan added that he's "just glad to be coming back.”

Right now the production team of "Party Down South" has more to worry about than just possible cast raises, like finding a filming location. They originally wanted to film in Pensacola Beach for the second season but faced stiff opposition from some of the town's residents, who organized social media campaigns and petitions to fight off the show. It seems that Pensacola Beach doesn't want to be known as the place for drunken fun.

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