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'Party Down South' cast gets pay raise for Season 2

Cast of "Party Down South"
Cast of "Party Down South"
Taylor Wright/Facebook

Party Down South” has done extremely well for the CMT network. It is the highest rating show they have aired. The Season 1 finale aired Thursday, and the network announced Season 2 will be premiering in June. Fans have been able to identify with the cast, especially the females. According to a March 22 report from TMZ, the cast has received a raise. They went from making $500 an episode to $2000 per episode.

There have been rumors regarding salary for the “Party Down South” cast for several weeks. Reports said the cast was asking for $7500 per episode and the network wasn't going to budge. While they have settled for the second season, if more is done in the future the money may have to be upped. The breakout stars have been Taylor “Lil' Bit” Wright and Ryan “Daddy” Richards. Of course men all over are lusting over the gorgeous Mattie Breaux. Part of the show's success is because the cast has embraced their fans. They interact with fans across Twitter on a regular basis and people eat that up.

Fans are excited to see the cast of “Party Down South” return to their television screen this summer. You can count on “Daddy” to bring the beer funnels, “Lil' Bit” to bring prayer, and the rest of them to bring their crazy antics. One question fans do have is whether or not Mattie's alter-ego “Martha” will make another appearance for Season 2.

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