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Partners in Health radio show features Helen Croydon founder of

Sugar Daddy Diaries is available on
Sugar Daddy Diaries is available on
Photo courtesy Helen Croydon

In a recent Partners in Health and Biz radio interview, author and entrepreneur Helen Croydon spoke candidly about her newly created website, was designed for independent-minded singles who want meaningful romance, but who don't have time for the demands of a typical full-time relationship.
Helen is also the author of her memoirs "Sugar Daddy Diaries" available on, and her latest book, "Screw the Fairytale:A Modern Guide to Love and Sex".

Helen Croydon is the founder of a new dating website -
Photo, courtesy Helen Croydon

“Well, I wanted to give a platform for singles like me who do want to find love, (I mean, don’t we all) but who for whatever reason are a little bit daunted by the demands of the typical, modern relationship,” explained Croydon.

Croydon, 36, has been single for a while and says that every time she is in a relationship, it demands so much of her, that it seems as if it is all, or nothing.

“Suddenly, you lose your right to have free time. You have to go on every single holiday together, every single social event and you suddenly have to merge your life with your new partner," she said.

Whether you simply value your independence, you travel a lot for your job, you have just come out of a breakup or divorce, or you are a single parent, Part-time can meet your needs. is about having a meaningful relationship, not just a meaningless fling. It is about building a personal relationship that has a genuine spark based on mutual attraction and respect. It allows each person the freedom to be comfortable with time apart so that you and your mate is not involved in every corner and aspect of each other's lives.

For more information and to register, visit the website.

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