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Partners for Healthy Pets

Wouldn't you want Morris around for as long as possible?
Partners for Healthy Pets

While our cats and dogs are truly important figures in our families, not everyone is aware how very important pet healthcare and well visits are. Thus the Partners for Healthy Pets has launched a highly motivational print, digital, and Public Service Announcement-driven campaign that will put the importance of preventive pet healthcare and regular veterinary visits on the national stage.

Because they are motivated to advertise this campaign, you will most likely see print ads for the Partners for Healthy Pets displayed in some of our nation’ most popular magazines, including:

· Real Simple

· People

· O the Oprah magazine

· Prevention

· Family Fun

· Every Day with Rachael Ray

The websites that will be blasting out the campaign will include:


· PedMD

· SheKnows

In addition to all of that, 15- and 30-second television commercials are running on networks and channels such as:


· FOX Sports

· Comcast



· The Travel Channel

· And the Food Network

The print and digital campaign features a cat and a dog, both wearing a “special care instructions” tag that reads “Feed Daily, Yearly Check-Ups, Love Forever”. The advertisements highlight the responsibility that pet owners have to their pets’ health and sends this message: “A yearly visit to your family vet is as essential as food and love. Make an appointment for an annual checkup today.”

It is of utmost importance to check out these advertisements and not just ignore them. The pet industry has noticed that although many cat and dog owners are buying more ‘things’ and upgrading the food source and treats for their pets, that they are still failing to provide medical care for these same pets. Regular preventative health care visits can enhance the lives of your pets and possibly even prolong their life so that they are with you longer!

Pet parents play the key role in providing all needs for their beloved cats and dogs. Most veterinary services will work hand-in-hand with you in order to make certain that your cat or dog is medically provided for; perhaps setting up payment plans that are more affordable than a one-time pay situation.

It is truly important to thousands of veterinary professionals that your pets are cared for. Come join the people who have already committed to making a difference in the lives of their pets and the community who serves them.

What more could we want for the felines (and canines) that make our lives more wholesome and worth living for? Let’s keep them around a long time by joining the Partners for Healthy Pets.

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