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Partner yoga increases strength and acceptance
Jon Orlando Photography

San Francisco is well known for it’s beauty, the prestigious rolling hills and natural landscapes that flow from the pacific ocean to the treasure shores of the peninsula. Not all is lost even while we see a fog that rolls in even in the brightest of summer’s. Still, pockets of lights come out to play amongst us while at ecstatic dance on Sunday morning or kirtan in the day and zazen at night. This cluster of communities still hold quite a number of bridges along it’s waterways. Water is the ancient symbolism for the emotional body. The emotional body is usually the first response in many of us. From a delayed line on the bus, or road rage on our street, our emotional bodies are sometimes worn on our sleeve, like our hearts. Today, water is what most of us have a hard time dealing with even around the world, protecting the equal distribution, to having access to clean water sources to nourish us and our agriculture. Today while scarcity is at it’s highest and droughts have spread, we have found that the feng shui of our culture and symbiosis within us, is hope. The bridges that have connected us from the south to the north, from the west to the east, created by our human mind to the physical reality. A facility and a faculty of the synaptic fluid of our amygdala and the blood flow of our heart; passion, anger, joy, and aversion, how may we utilize these man made architectures and bridges that surround us to our benefit? The bridge is more than just a physical structure. In this regard bridging is the extension, lengthening and expansion to hold another. Partner yoga creates this mythical structure of the bridge between our hearts between our spiritual center for common ground and respite. As we gain a person to lean on, we are better able to find that bridge within our souls. Diving deep to the sea of emotion is not always the need for the soul. Partner yoga is holding, and expressing within a relationship and finding balance in the expression. Temporal glances, soul mates, arch enemies, rivals we engage in the dance of partner yoga and relationship to enhance our engagement in our world. In times of grief and in times of joy it is a source of sharing that does nourish. The law of abundance, the flow of water pours forth from the divine spirit, sometimes hard to reach metaphysically, when all we see is concrete. From isolated to shared experience, memories and their modifications by continual sensory experience give us trauma and stress, the main causes of death by chronic illness. Our inability to find the right diet and misinformation of who or what we are has created a self-directed aversion. The bridge with others who practice will give us perspective and insight on acceptance and truth in the moment, inside ourselves, strengthening our core(solar plexus). The practice of partner yoga can be that dance on Sunday morning or the holding of a best friend in a time of need. Partner yoga can engage all communities in conversation and mediation. Unbiased yet intimately focused objective and subjective conscious relationships is our goal.


Thank you to the book, Yoga for Partners by Jessie Chapman 2003 used as inspiration for this article.


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