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Part Two

Bind - To magickally restrain something or someone. Blood of the Moon - a woman's menstrual cycle. If this cycle occurs over a Full Moon or New Moon ( and you can arrange that ) she is far more powerful than during any other time of the month, as long as she acknowledges this strength within herself. For too many years women have been told that they must regard their cycle with an unkind eye, calling it a curse when actually it is a boon. Society has dictated this to them that many feel weak, tired and disoriented because they are supposed to. Wrong!! If you can rearrange your thinking on this matter the Blood of the Moon can pack a powerful wallop for you. If you feel spacey, try grounding. Book of Shadows - a relatively new term for the collection of information in book form for a Witch's reference. Much akin to a mgickal cookbook. Another name for this text would be grimoire. Bolline - a curved, white handled knife used to practical magickal purposes such as cutting. For instance, the knife can be used to harvest herbs, cut a branch for a wand, inscribe candles, etc...