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Part time Christianity is the latest rage

One can become a part time believer and incorporate all types of belief systems.
One can become a part time believer and incorporate all types of belief systems.

When Stevie Wonder’s big hit “Part Time Lover” churned, it resonated with many that had big problems making a commitment to one person. Juggling multiple relationships was an issue of a lack of character that fed one’s ego rather than anything else.

Splitting loyalties was addressed by Jesus when He articulated “you cannot serve two masters, you will come to love the one and despise the other”. God already made it clear that He does not share His glory part time with anyone.

That does not stop the mentality people have desiring to be a part time Christian(or whatever) which allows the flexibility to do what one wants to do once Sunday service is over. It is not hypocrisy of course, but it merely allows one to compartmentalize morality.

It is personally expedient to live as an angel while in church and then live like the devil once one exits the exterior doors of the church. It is no wonder judgment will begin in the house of God as cleaning house of counterfeit Christianity appears high on the agenda.

The lack of commitment is addressed many times in the Bible. Elijah chided the fence setters in the Old Testament before the showdown on Mt. Carmel when Elijah declared, “if Baal be god, then serve him, but if God be God, then serve Him".

Incorporating different points of view whether religious or philosophical is an extremely popular notion today, however it is nothing new under the sun. Being an intellectual or theological chameleon allows one to fit into any setting and allows one to continue to associate with different mindsets of people, good or bad.

A classic example of part time Christianity was many members of the Ku Klux Klan were card carrying members of the Southern Baptist Church. One can sing hymns on Sunday and plant bombs at a Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church later with no contradiction of morality. Being double minded allows extremist views to live quite comfortably along with Christian ones, especially one with a suspect conscience.

Part time Christianity fits nicely with more moderate positions that are diametrically opposed to the Christian philosophy. One can believe God is the Creator of life on Sunday and walk into an abortion clinic on Monday. One can also believe in the Biblical institution of holy matrimony in church, then go home and continue living with an unmarried boyfriend or girlfriend….being of the opposite gender is optional.

Inspect some of these labels popping up regarding revamped religious belief systems as a Jewish atheist, or a Christian atheist. How about secular Christian? There are also secular Jews or secular Muslims that incorporate the standards of secular humanism and traditional standards of faith. What you end up with should be theological goulash.

Ah, but enter in the part time status and one can easily see how one can co-exist with the other. One can go to the Christian church in the morning and attend an atheist meeting in the evening quite comfortably, or vice versa.

Another intellectual favorite which compromises both Creation and evolution is to incorporate both belief systems into one philosophy….God used evolution for Creation. Problem solved.

Fence setting or trying to play both sides does not sit very well with God, which God clearly addresses in Revelation with the people attending church attempting to play the compromise game.

God speaking through John Divine has words for those playing church and not making a decision one way or the other regarding truth,

Revelation 3: 15-16—I know thy works, that thou art neither cold or hot; I would thou were cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of My mouth”.

That is a tough analysis to be so disgusting to God that one would be vomited out because of lack of commitment or action one way or the other. And this rebuke is for those in the church.

God don’t play part time Christianity.

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