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Part Three: Leading the way through your life

Inspirational Speaker Darlene Brown shares four areas of leadership and secrets about leading the way through your life. This is the third installment in the series of articles recapping the“24-Hours of Motivation” live stream event presented by Che Brown, Trevor Otts and the Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network.

Divine Empowerment Coach/ Speaker/ Trainer
Darlene Brown


  1. Leading Yourself: Self-Leadership. You are not leading effectively unless you are leading yourself. How are you going about ensuring you are committed to making and acting on the decision? What does it look like?
  2. Lead Your Family: People watch what you do, not what you say, as with your children. How are you leading your family?
  3. Lead in Your Community: Seize opportunity, get involved, and make a difference. There is a cost to not making a decision to effectively lead.
  4. Lead in Your Business: The ability to have social influence to impact change long after you’re gone.


  1. Vision: We perish for lack of vision. Have vision for where you want your life to go. Speak, write and live the vision. Time – Structure – Choice: Make time. Plan out (structure) what the time looks like. Decide (choice) who, where and what you do with the time.
  2. Accountability Partner: Someone who will ensure you stay the course regardless of how you feel. Be accountable to someone and make sure they are holding you accountable.
  3. Believe: Believe in your ability to be an effective leader. Believe that you can and you will.
  4. Fearless: Leaders have to be fearless and have the courage and tenacity of a lion to keep going. Have the confidence that you already have the victory no matter how many others tell you no.
  5. Vitamin D: Discipline, Determination and Dedication.

Darlene Brown, CEO of Divine Empowerment, is a certified Life-Skills/Empowerment Coach, Inspirational Speaker and a Training Facilitator with over 25 years of professional business experience.

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