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Part Three: An interview with match agent Mevy-Pierre Azaria

Mevy-Pierre Azaria
Mevy-Pierre Azaria
Mevy-Pierre Azaria

The San Antonio Soccer Examiner recently caught up with FIFA Match Agent, and organizer of the upcoming Road to Brazil tour, Mevy-Pierre Azaria, to discuss Major League Soccer, San Antonio’s chances and how these matches get organized. Part One spoke about MLS, Part Two spoke about expansion and this final Part Three will speak about the challenges of being a match agent.

SASE: You organize the friendly camps for teams, how much work goes in to that?
MPA: The teams are leaning to agents like me to organize their pre-season or pre-world cup camps all around the world, and so I negotiate to find them friendly matches. So we negotiate a package, for teams who prefer to do it between technical staff to us, instead of doing it by themselves, so it is a great service to the federation to save them having to do that.

SASE: How hard is it dealing with different cultures, like FC Dallas heading to the UAE?
MPA: The team tells you where they want to go, I will tell them what places are free, whether they want to go to altitude or to the sea. You ask which kind of facilities you would like to have, which kind of friendlies you would like to play. For those teams that make big money, those big European teams, we tell them that we are going to pay for everything and we will even pay you an appearance fee, because we know we are going to make money on ticket sales and TV rights.

SASE: How much time does that whole process take?
MPA: It can take anywhere from one to nine months to organize one tour, it really depends on the team and what they want.

The San Antonio Soccer Examiner would like to thank Mevy-Pierre Alexander for his time over this series of interviews and thank Nati Katz for his help in facilitating the interviews.

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