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Part One

Astral - this word conjures lots of weird sensations. To keep it simple, lets describe it as another dimension of reality. I have heard it referred to as " dream time " which I think is an excellent label. This reference is from the Australian Aboriginal people and their teachings which are well worth your further study. Astral Travel Projection - the process of separating your astral body from your physical one to accomplish travel the astral plane or dream time. Athame - a cleansed and consecrated ceremonial knife, used in ritual work by Witches. The knife is never used for blood letting, and rarely used for cutting anything on the material plane. Balefire - you don't get to see too many of these today. In country settings its function was both magickal and practical. Holidays at which you would most likely see this type of celebration are Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnamdh, and Mabon. Bane - another word for bad evil, destructive. Banish- to magickally end something or exorcise unwanted entities. To rid the presence of. Bi - location -everyday reality by returning the capability to be aware of your present surroundings. Synonymous terms are over, looking and mind, travel.