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Part II: How to destroy Italy - Parte Seconda: Come distruggere l'Italia

In my last column I discussed the olive oil industry and many other famous Italian inventors and creations that the world enjoys. Italy is facing economic collapse and destruction with numerous recent closings of farms and factories.

Aldi's Priano brands are interesting to look at.  One needs to be careful about purchasing Priano products depending on what you are looking for.
Aldi's Priano brands are interesting to look at. One needs to be careful about purchasing Priano products depending on what you are looking for.
Martin CJ Mongiello, former White House Chef courtesy The Presidential Service Center
Former White House Chef Marti Mongiello features Italian products
Martin CJ Mongiello at The Presidential Service Center

Like many proud Americans, I am quick to note superiority on the battlefield, real manhood and womanhood, what it takes to become a true man and woman, the dominance of our military, our financial prowess on Wall Street - as well as sheer intelligence and brilliance in the new world. Often, I and many others in our country equate these facts to why we are doing so well, and well, if Italy is not then they need to change.

They need to become more like Americans and open up their free economy. Or suffer through being economically punished.

Punished by their own, antiquated systems and the denial of Europe - and lets face it, the entire European Union!

Now, let me be honest... I'm only expressing the truth of how most Americans feel. We view ourselves as the liberators of the free world. But it isn't that Italians are stupid or cannot change with the modern world. Or Europe, or the EU. In fact, it is the FACT, that they are being stolen from, ripped off and robbed! Its got nothing to do with superiority on the battlefield or becoming a real man or woman. Its about ruining all of the gifts they have provided to the earth and human society.

Will a US Soldier watch a person being ripped off on the street and look the other way? No they will not.

And if there is one thing that pisses off an American, its the underdog being walked on, beaten down and trampled upon. So I want every red-blooded American, of every color, shape and size then, to know the lies being sold in the markets of the world - about Italy. And, God forbid, if you are an Italian-American, this is the end - and its your rallying cry.

America ranks #3 for the Made in Italy program according to an article with the facts and figures released tonight (CEST) in La Padania of Milan. so any American can become informed and help Italy survive.

Stop buying products that are knock-offs of REAL ITALIAN GOODS. Its that simple. Or is it?

I noticed when I was shopping at Aldi that they have a unique line of products, like many manufacturers and markets, named PRIANO. This is a legal play on words controlled under assorted international laws of the actual name of a town on the famous Amalfi Coast, named Praiano. Are Americans stupid? Are Italian Americans interested in the destruction of Italy, one needle at a time? I like Aldi and I shop there, its just since my friends Mario Rizzotti and my cousin Colomba Mongiello really began warning me of how to look for certain things that I realized I had been ripped off so many times. Why pay for high-priced goods that have Italian flags on them but really are not from Italy? Take Priano brands at Aldi, again. As I was graduating my 2,132nd student at our Culinary Institute at The Presidential Culinary Museum and US Food History Museum we took a photo of several REAL Italian products (#ProductofItaly and #MadeinItaly) next to a a beautiful pizza we had made. Aldi, under the Priano brand, sells a Pesto Alla Genovese sauce in a jar and we had put some of that onto the crust for added flavor. I had showcased to the students (as I do for thousands at stage shows) exactly how to determine what you are buying at Aldi - or in any market. Aldi owns the Priano brand and it features an Italian flag with a circle and very small letters stating the product is AUTHENTIC. It also uses the English words on the back of the jar, Product of Italy. Under law, it is allowed to do so.

Aldi also sells several other products like a plastic container of shaved, excellent cheese. Its a good American cheese and there is nothing wrong or sinful about American products. Yet, in showing it to dozens of Americans, 9 out of 10 guessed wrong that it was really from Italy and commented, "That's a rip-off," or, "wow, I am shocked," or, "that is annoying and I can't read the tiny words." If you look at my slide show, you'll see that Aldi changes their logo and design ever so slightly to read in micro-scopic words, "INSPIRATIONS OF ITALY" on the brands made in other countries, versus their REAL PRODUCTS USE THE WORD - "AUTHENTIC," - yet they continue all other branding congruent with the Italian flag and colors and the words, "A TASTE OF ITALY." The packaging between the REAL ITALIAN products and the ones NOT using Italian foods - is near identical. And it confuses and dupes most humans tested.

Again, they are not committing a crime under civil or criminal law. Yet, perhaps as a 1. a lover of Italian foods, or 2. as an American now knowing how much the beautiful country of Italy is suffering with closed farms and factories, or 3. an Italian-American concerned about the loss of the entire Italian culture on earth, perhaps now you can watch in a small way, where you spend your money.

Many express the deep feeling of being tricked an ripped off.

Paying the high prices for something (using a countrys legally determined flag, name and colors) that is actually not worth it, is concerning, given the horrific circumstances and ultimate consequences. To be sure sure for yourself, a product must legally be labelled Made in Italy or Product of Italy, to ensure you of the fact that it is a real, Italian made item.

The entire country of Italy is under attack.

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