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Part II: Circles program

Circles program

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As I have said, I reviewed the entire program alone. My first impression was that it was dated and slow. Then, I started to go through the DVDs and discovered that there was a method to the entire program. Initially one would think that it was talking about intimate relationships and language to protect a youth from sexual abuse. While those topics are important, that is not what this series covers.

It covers the different people that may come into the youth’s life. It describes in basic terms how they should talk to someone and touch them. It also discusses how much the youth should trust the person in the circle. One may ask why this is important. One may assume that this is something that would come natural to the youth. In my experience of working with youth it is not a skill that comes naturally to some. It is not appropriate to ask a married pregnant lady you work with out on a date, but it has happened.

Despite my observations, I was still unsure of how youth would respond to the program. I have a youth program and decided to dhow the DVDs to them. This group has youth from all over the county, who have different disabilities, and have different communication styles. As all teens do initially they made fun of the characters and actors, as to not appear uncool to their peers. While the program was showing I observed some of them watching intently and what happened next surprised me. Even those who were making comments came up to me after the showing and said they learned something. I am sure their comments were sincere.

This taught me that this program is definitely beneficial to show in schools. If this is something you would like to see your child view contact their teachers. The program can be obtained by the Berks County Intermediate Unit.