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Part 99: Art in Fresno's Christian churches

Albeit there is no church in the Diocese of Fresno dedicated to Saint Dominic of Silos, whose Feast Day falls on December 20, Saint Dominic Savio Roman Catholic Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary, i.e. fifty years since its consecration on November 21, 1961. Surrounded by trees, Saint Dominic, a lover of nature, is united with his church. The gable roof made of wood covers the elevated light walls of his church. The triangular gable that surmounts the facade of Saint Dominic is not of the same proportions as the gable of the tower that is immersed in the roof and left side wall of his church. However, the tower is of the same height as the facade. The most striking feature of the tower covered with a small gable roof is the elongated, albeit thin, Latin cross that rises above Saint Dominic and is de facto the focal point of his church.

To be continued...


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