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Part 97: Art in Fresno's Christian churches

Saint Malachy Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Fresno was established in 1887. The stout walls of the structure dedicated to the Saint are covered with a large gable roof that extends over the small facade. The facade is divided into three vertical segments by two elongated side walls. The receded wall of the middle segment is decorated with a color glass window of polygonal shape situated right below the gable roof. The shape of the porch in front of the entry doors is out of balance, for it is not in harmony with the large gable roof that covers the entire structure. However, the bell tower, albeit covered with a small gable roof, is well balanced. The upper stage of the tower is pierced through by a gable-arched opening with only one bell installed inside. A Latin cross is carved in the front wall of the tower below the opening. The well balanced tower is the focal point of the Saint's church.

To be continued...


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