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Part 8: The new English translation of the Latin Missal

Since Saint Anne Roman Catholic Church in Fresno used to be the host of the Traditional Latin Mass for many years, the new English translation of the Roman Missal has been appreciated by the church with a smile and praise for the Lord God. The powerful invocation "Kyrie eleison" ("Lord have mercy") was sung in Saint Anne Chapel by all with alternating parts for the choir and for the people. Mystically, "Kyrie eleison" is the only part of the Latin Mass that, albeit Latinized, is retained in Ancient Greek. The "Kyrie" is comprised of two basic invocations, "Kyrie eleison" ("Lord have mercy") and "Christe eleison" ("Christ have mercy"). The first invocation is repeated as the third invocation. All three invocations are sung first by the choir and then repeated by all. The mystery of "Kyrie" lies not only in its preservation in Ancient Greek but also in the great power of the words.

To be continued...


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