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Part 4: Choosing powerful STAR Points to navigate through life defining moments

Life defining moments give us the power to choose what will happen next. Star Bobatoon shares four STAR Points to guide us through those moments in this fourth installment of articles recapping the“24-Hours of Motivation” live stream event presented by Che Brown, Trevor Otts and the Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network.

Accomplished Attorney, DynamicTrainer and Award-Winning Speaker
Accomplished Attorney, DynamicTrainer and Award-Winning Speaker
Star Bobatoon
Motivational Speaker
Star Bobatoon

STAR Points

  1. Acknowledge what you feel and let it go. Don’t pretend it doesn't hurt in those life-defining moments.
  2. Recognize the power in the moment and that you do have a choice.
  3. Make a decision how you will define the moment– will it be for you for you or against you. Remember, failure is not in the fall; failure is in not getting up.
  4. Take Action Now! Take one positive step forward.

Practice these STAR Points to experience a phenomenal year.

Star Bobatoon is an accomplished attorney, dynamic trainer and award-winning speaker whose high-energy and engaging style make a lasting impact on her audiences and clients. With over a decade of performance on stage, television and the big screen, Star colors her timely and relevant messages with drama and humor. Using her legal background, Star goes beyond inspiration to convey concrete ideas and practical tools that allow audiences to make real changes in their lives.

Illuminate your life with STAR Points– Strategies To Achieve Remarkable!

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