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Part 3: Unanswered questions for Ryle community

After 17 year old Mitchell Herweh almost died in car accident in which he alleges that two fellow students, Tyler Scott and Travis Elliott, both 18, caused him to run his vehicle off the road after school, resulting in several injuries as well as a totaled car he’d saved for himself, he thought he might finally get some assistance from school and police to combat the bullying he says he has endured since middle school. He was wrong.

Unfortunately for Herweh, the many contradictions and uninvestigated leads give the impression that no one is protecting him, not even the police.

An additional page from the accident report that had not been given to the family from the Boone County Sheriff’s Department was obtained by Donald Herweh, Mitchell’s father, from the Florence Police Department. This page confirms a speed trap and the fact that at least one of the teens alleged to be involved in causing the accident knew about it. The report states that, after a call from Elliott’s mother about Herweh speeding, the police intended to set a speed trap for his vehicle and that Scott was supposed to wait for an officer at the Union City Building. Tom Scheban, spokesperson for the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, admitted he was unaware that Mitchell had never had an accident or even a speeding ticket before this. When asked if it was common for police to set up speed traps after hearing a complaint from only one person, he explained,

“ Well, no, not necessarily for one and number two, even if we were going to do something like that, we’re not going to tell anyone about it.”

So why does Elliott claim to have been told by police and why was 18 year old Scott supposed to meet the officers at The Union City Building? Scheban inferred that the teens must have just concluded that the speed trap would be set up on US 42 and after school that day because the complaint had been about Herweh’s driving at that time the day before, but that does not explain why the report states Scott was supposed to meet the police at the Union City Building the day of the accident.

The accident report states that Herweh “Exceeded stated speed limit” but also says that Herweh’s vehicle was going 50-55 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.

When asked if it was common for the police to list only two witnesses when at least three other people have come forward yet are not listed on the accident report, Scheban responded,

“Especially in a case like this, where he said, he said, he said-- we are going to list everybody that said they saw anything. Absolutely. ”

Then, why aren’t the other witnesses, such as the unknown man at the scene of the accident who came to the car and helped Herweh free his ankle and Elliott, who not only is allegedly involved but who also claims he spoke to police about it, listed as witnesses on the accident report? Scheban said he did not know why they were not listed.

“ I don’t know how you can bully someone when you don't know him and never said a word to him...” Elliott wrote in an email about Herweh but that contradicts his earlier statement about chasing Herweh home through his neighborhood before the accident. He also admits he has been encouraging witnesses to be quiet but that it was to stop the rumors at school.

When told about Elliott telling witnesses not to talk, Scheban laughed and said, “Oh, has he?”

With so many questions unanswered, Herweh is frustrated,

“The school isn’t doing anything about this. The police aren’t doing anything about this. We can’t get anyone to do anything about this.”


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