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Part 3 of The Trendsetters

Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Heyyy Trendsetters!!! :)

Today we take a look at Dennis Rodman the trailblazer of stand out hair in men. The world of basketball fans already knew his name but for us women who wouldn't even watch a game for ten minutes, we grew to know of him by his unique and outlandish hair, makeup and clothes.

Soon after the media spotlighted his change , he quickly became the latest buzz all around. We thought it odd for the bright colors, the piercings, the attire- but all and all- we can for surely say: He stood out for his hair.

From leopard prints, to bright green to red to "what the heck is next!", we declared! From wearing a wedding dress to nose and lip piercings - Dennis Rodman stood out and created his own image of uniqueness.

We can all think back to when he was playing ball and can definitely say Dennis Rodman was a trailblazer. No matter what title we try to label or define him by, his hair and style is what captivated the audience and left them wondering and guessing.

"What in the world!", we would say as our eyes stayed glued to the television screen. We tried to figure him out all in an attempt to place him in our definition of a N.B.A basketball player. Although I didn't officially research this: I do believe ticket sales increased as the world desired to figure this trailblazer in hair and basketball out.

This concludes my highlight of another trailblazer.

Enjoy the day Trendsetters!

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