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Part 2: Surface Pro 3 review

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The Surface Pro 3 (at least the one we are reviewing) has a fifth generation 1.9 GHz Intel i5 processor. For the past couple days, we have been running graphics intensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign and have had no major hiccups whatsoever. Even though the unit has just 4GB of RAM, we ran all three applications at once and only experienced minor delays. We haven't tried to run any video editing software yet, but will report the results when we do.

Those who like working on two apps side by side will love the Snap feature, which allows this to happen. We have run Microsoft Word and Netflix side by side and both work smoothly. This is something an Apple machine still cannot do, but that is expected to change soon. We also like how it only takes ten seconds to restart the system. The performance of the Surface Pro 3 is on par with the MacBook Air and possibly even the MacBook Pro.

Type Cover

The Type Cover on the Surface Pro 2 was crippled with the awful trackpad, which never seemed to work, especially when selecting characters on the screen. We are happy to say that the glass-coated trackpad on the new Type Cover has greatly improved. However, accidentally tapping the trackpad with the slightest touch acts like a mouse click. Fortunately, we just found a way to disable taps in the Metro PC Settings menu.

N-Trig stylus

Microsoft has moved on from Wacom technology and has replaced it with N-Trig. Unfortunately, the results aren't as good. Taking notes with the N-Trig stylus doesn't feel as smoothly as it did with the Wacom pen on the Surface Pro 2. While writing cursive slowly with the N-Trig pen, we noticed that our letters came out sort of curvy. This improved when writing fast, but taking notes no longer feels completely natural. It also doesn't help that the N-Trig pen is a lot fatter and requires an AAAA battery.



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