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Part 2 – More on the fowl environment of Washington D.C.

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Yes, Tom Reed is but one four hundred and thirty fifth of the House membership, having little power! Still, he seems to me like the ostrich with his head buried deep in the dirt when it comes to government corruption. I have had this discussion with him at several of his town hall meetings! He doesn’t deny corruption he merely glosses over it attributing the corruption to other actions. This time he blamed the corruption on “Big Government”.

This is a study in which came first the chicken or the egg. Is corruption the result of big government or is it the cause of big government? You might ask, “What difference does it make?” How you view this conundrum makes a big difference in how you approach the solution to the problem.

To solve a problem, the nature and source of the problem must be identified. So often the politicians say, they don’t want to assign blame, they want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s like discovering a disease and dispensing cures before anything is know about the source of the disease. Politicians don’t want to research the problems, because the blame may and usually does come back to them. They’d rather try to bury the problem in money and hide it. The decaying of the VA is but one such example. IRS 1, 2 and 3, DOJ, NSA, Benghazi, F&F are only a few others.

If big government is causing corruption, one could conclude smaller government could wipe it out of our esteemed institutions. If corruption is the cause of big government, smaller government might slightly reduce corruption to a degree and for a time, but the seeds of corruption would be there to spout like weeds as soon as the people’s backs were turned.

Do you see why this differentiation is so important? If we think big government is the cause of corruption then just shrinking government will address corruption in government. If we think corruption is the catalyst nurturing big government, we must look elsewhere. Where is the corruption germinating and what is making it grow with such exuberance?

If corruption is the cause of big government, we must look at politicians, policies and bureaucrats, those who would profit from a dishonest government. We must conclude the machinery of our government has gone awry. That machinery is the people creating the laws and policies and those people carrying them out.

Many of our politicians go into government with the idea of bending it to their own selfish needs. Using the government to develop their power for their own selfish profit! These are the engineers of corruption. They are intentionally practicing corruption. Others like I have seen on our local school boards are seduced to be accepted and liked by the diseased powers of such organizations. They are the blind passengers to corruption. Tom Reed appears to be a blind passenger on that train.

They say "Birds of a feather flock together!" Are the corrupt the types who are attracted to government service because of the examples set? Washington D.C. seems to be a sanctuary for hungry vultures, where eagles do not dare.