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Part 2: Interview with popular Houston hair stylist, Karen Becerra

KMS Makeover Spray

Photo courtesy of
KMS Makeover Spray Photo courtesy of
Karen Becerra
Karen Becerra
Photo Courtesy of Urban Retreat website

The interview had to be split into two articles because Karen offered too much great information to edit it out. So read on for more of her valuable insight.

LG: What are your favorite products of 2009 or just in general?

KB: Well one of my top favorite products and one that I have been waging a war to get into our salon to sell is KMS Makeover Spray. It is a dry shampoo. It is absolutely amazing. If you have semi-oily to normal hair, you may have to shampoo every other day especially during the summer months. As a hair stylist, you just don’t want to recommend washing your hair every day nor do you have the time. So it is great when you have a particular good style day and want to extend it. Or maybe you don’t have time to wash it and re-style it every day. But the time when I am especially excited about it is when I am on vacation. You know the look your boyfriend or husband gives you in the morning when you are getting dressed but you know you are going to take a million pictures that day. So your hair better look good, right? So what I do is just spray the Makeover Spray and touch up my hair with a curling iron or flat iron a bit and my hair looks amazing! After my last vacation on a day we needed to be out of the house quickly, my husband said “Well why don’t you spray that “stuff” in it?” That’s when I knew he realized how much time I saved when I used it and appreciated it.

I still also love the Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax line- I love it even though it is not a new product. I especially recommend the Oleo-Relax mask for those doing the Brazilian straightening system. You can leave it on for eight minutes and your hair is dramatically smoother and more moisturized. If you don’t leave on the mask for at least eight minutes then you may not see the results. That is when some customers feel like why am I spending the money on this? And I agree they are expensive, but it is also an amazing line. So if you have the money to invest, then do it.

Oh and Shu Uemura has a hair oil that we all love here at Urban Retreat. It even has a fabulous scent to it. Jennifer Aniston also uses it, so it must be good right? It actually sold out here. It sold out for two months, and we just got it back in (in mid-December) to the salon. And I can tell you sometimes I go overboard with applying this oil but it still doesn’t make my hair greasy. You cannot over use this product. It just gives a luxurious smell so whatever is left you can use on your hands or arms. It is also the type of product when you want to buy the biggest bottle available because you will regret buying the smaller bottle later. It is a little expensive but you get your money’s worth. It has that camellia oil that protects your hair from heat damage and the UV rays.

LG: Best advice you can offer women for maintaining a healthy hair? Things men and women should do or avoid?

KB: Well especially for women with long hair, I really believe in cutting it every four weeks even if it is just a little bit. It really helps a lot and can make a difference in the health of the hair. With long hair you are more susceptible to getting more and more split ends, especially if you wait too long between cuts.

think deep conditioning masks are also really important. I like the Oleo-Relax mask for dry hair.

Also the Bain Age Recharge line is great for older women. Sometimes when we get older we start losing the sheen in our hair and this line really helps to replenish the nutrients back into the hair.

Finally, a lot of women who use inexpensive shampoo for a long time will develop an allergy to their hair color or with their scalp. They may even develop dandruff or other scalp conditions. I recommend using two different high quality shampoos to alternate with every other wash, especially during the winter.

LG: What 3 tools or products would you want to have on a deserted island (that miraculously has an electrical outlet)? Anything.

KB: I would definitely take my Croc iron, because I could let my hair dry naturally. It is an amazing tool.

I would also take my Bible because I would finally have time to read the whole Bible at once. It would definitely keep me sane on a deserted island.

The third item would definitely be my husband. Some people would say what three things would you want to have when you travel? And I always say my husband because I hate traveling without him.

Many enthusiastic thanks to Karen for being so generous with her time and agreeing to an interview. She is a great stylist and person. To book an appointment with Karen or any of the qualified staff at Urban Retreat please contact:

Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon
2329 San Felipe | Houston Texas | 77019
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