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Part 2 interview with Karen Holland, Local Licensed and Marriage Family Therapist

Karen Holland, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Karen Holland, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Taken from Karen Holland's Website

I wanted to finish sharing with you about my interview with Karen Holland, local LMFT in the metro Denver area. She provided  a wealth of information and I wanted to make sure that you understand just how many local people there are willing to help you within your marriage relationship.

Last time we were discussing the connection people have in relationships and I wanted to continue from there. When I spoke with Karen she was sharing about the differences of connection in relationship.

KH: For those in a 5 to 10 yr relationship resentments come up because you have been with your spouse for that certain amount of time. Now you truly know each other better and you do not necessarily look over things. Although, the bond could be stronger those resentments are there. In the beginning let's say for example newlyweds, they have the connection and closeness where they view the person as a best friend.

DMCE: I asked Karen if there somewhat a disillusioning going on because they are choosing to overlook certain behaviors. It is not as if it does not exist. KH: Sure because once we find out they are not who we thought they were is when the issues come up. Then there is a power struggle and people tend to react based on that change.

DMCE: I asked Karen about her clientele

KH: They are primarily local. As a matter of fact, her next couples class starts April 7th for four weeks. Get more details at her website.

DMCE: I was asking Karen if she found it difficult to get clients?

KH: She stated that there are times when she has forgotten how private the subject is because she believes everyone should be talking. I told her how I could relate to what she was saying because for us it seems the "Norm" that people should be talking in order to heal their relationships and challenges.

DMCE: Why do you think there is that difficulty for people to reach out and ask for help?

KH: Partially because of the media poking fun at therapy, negative stereotype. Couples are either at one extreme or another.

Pay attention to this: People generally do not kow what is "healthy" because we did not get it from our parents. There are some times when people get to her they have internally given up.

Before you give up on your spouse and your marriage, contact Karen Holland at . Don't forget, she has a Couples Class that starts on April 7th reserve your space with Karen Holland today, you will truly be enlightened.


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