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Part 2: HP's new TouchSmart tm2 tablet gets wildly mixed reviews


HP tm2
Image source: HP

Continued from part 1

Mobile Tech Review gives the TouchSmart 2 one of the better reviews: 4 1/2 stars out of five. They indicate tht the tm2 could use some software updates. Actually, it can use a lot of software updates as the software is what is crippling this device from its full potential.

Once you use the device, you may notice that touching the screen doesn't always work. At times, you have to tap the device several times for your touch to register. We discovered you can fix this in the settings (email us if you need directions), but how is the average tm2 user supposed to know this? You may also notice that the touchpad mouse doesn't quite work--it is very jerky and inconsistent. So far, there has been no fix for this and--believe us--using the touchpad on the tm2 is incredibly frustrating.

Many other reviewers have commented on how the battery life is good, but doesn't last up to the advertised 9 hours. We experienced five hours of battery life in Power Save mode while running basic programs such as Microsoft Office and playing music with iTunes. It is definitely impressive--and a definite improvement over the tx series--but come on, HP--don't lie to us!

The reviewer at notes some other flaws: the fingerprint sensor, the keyboard and the pinch feature. However, the overall review is very good. The reviewer correctly notes that if you like the novelty of a touchscreen and need to take handwritten notes, the HP tm2 may be the right laptop for you. Any HP tm2 owners out there who want to tell us more? Are their any buyers in Los Angeles who have received a really good deal? If so, tell us where.

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  • DRTigerlilly 5 years ago

    the tm2 is good bang for the buck, but there are far more options for a touch enabled tablet.

  • Daryl Deino 5 years ago

    The more I use it, the more I like it. But I'm not convinced it's "a good bang for the buck."

  • Gianormous1 5 years ago

    Mine is coming in this week, I'm very excited. It is very rare for new hardware not to have problems that need to be ironed out and early adopters usually end up taking a bit of a hit for the team. To my eyes there isn't another product on the market that can do what the tm2 looks to be able to for under a grand, that's why i ordered one.

  • Matt 5 years ago

    I paid $1300 for a Gateway c2600 8 years ago. touch and wadcom together for less than $1000 seems like a pretty good deal.

  • Heatesssun 5 years ago

    The tm2 is simply the most powerful and flexible mobile device that is currently on the market and might be for the majority of the remainder of the year. The iPad is while I'm sure will be fine lower power giant iPod type of device with a lot of touch screen oriented and visually appealing software will simply not have the fantastically rich capabilities.

    Of course it not perfect and without flaws, the screen for a lot of people is lack luster (and while I can see the point the screen on the tm2 is very solid with fairly limited viewing angles but that's not normally a problem).

    Check out my reviews on YouTube under Heatlesssun. The tm2 is simply a device for the person who wants NO LIMITS and is the state of the art in turns of feature set.

    It's amazing and one of the best devices (coming from a person that spends about $10k on computers and accessories for the last 15 years) I've ever owned. I simply can't say enough good things about it!

  • snolepard 5 years ago

    The touchpad "problem" above was fixed after i calibrated it to my light finger.

    After using several laptops over the last few years, always with frustration at the limitations of the standard "unitouch" touchpad, tm2's plethora of input options - keyboard, touchpad, chiral multitouch, 2 and 3-finger multitouch, touchscreen, on-screen keyboard, handwriting recognition and stylus, frees me from having to stare at the cursor trying to aim for scrollbars and submenus, or even yearning for a mouse.

    Btw, bought it in mar 2010, and encountered NONE of the complaints or bugs commented upon on websites, & am easily attaining over 5h with WiFi on. For a business user such as myself, this is the most affordable, best balance of speed and battery life with ergonomic input redundancy and flexibility, all in tactile solid aluminium.

    This has improved my family life: quiet, no heat, long-lasting charge, i can do my work anywhere in the house while minding the children. I have no regrets!

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