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Part 115: Christian music in Fresno churches

The song "Where Charity and Love Prevail" fills the interior of Saint Philip the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Fresno. The first verse starts with the important words such as "love" and "charity": "Where charity and love prevail there God is ever found." The second verse recalls the First Commandment, i.e. to love God "with heart, mind, and soul." The words of the third verse deal with forgiveness and confessions of faults, i.e. sins committed against others. In the fourth verse, one is reminded to seize strife, and seek the glory of God, not one's own. In the fifth verse, one is reminded that in the midst dwells "God's begotten Son." In the sixth verse, one is reminded that "no race nor creed can love exclude if honored be God's name." The focal point of the song is love, the source of good deeds and the proof of one's faith.

To be continued...


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