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Part 114: Art in Fresno's Christian churches

Albeit there are no churches in the Diocese of Fresno dedicated to Saint Francis de Sales, whose feast falls on January 24, there are a few edifices dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi. The humble nature of Saint Francis found its reflection in a plain house covered with a gable roof. A large Latin cross attached to the outer plain walls of Saint Francis signifies the outer pains of the Saint who followed the words of Christ. Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop and Doctor of the Church, also had his cross to carry. Numerous assassination attempts hunted the Saint throughout his life. Therefore, a heart crowned with thorns is an emblem of the Saint. Portrayed as a wise man, the Saint gazes at the viewer with eyes filled with dolor. His eyes are alert as are the other features of his visage. The chiaroscuro effect created by the juxtaposition of the dark space next to his light face magnifies the vivid image of the Saint.

To be continued...


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