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Part 111: Art in Fresno's Christian churches

Saint Philip the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Fresno was established in 1968. The elongated short building dedicated to Saint Philip is covered with a thin gable roof. The front wall of the structure with the overhead roof forming a porch is divided into five vertical segments. The central vertical segment with the main entry doors is much wider than the side segments. The first two segments on the left side are of equal width, and are counterbalanced by the two segments on the right side. The tower that rises from the center of the gable roof has an odd shape and proportions that resemble a chimney. However, the tower is not surmounted by a spire as any steeple but by a thin Latin cross made of metal and covered with white paint. The white Latin cross is the only sign that indicates that the elongated building is a church.

To be continued...


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