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Part 110: Art in Fresno's Christian churches

The austere monumental outer shape of Saint Anthony Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Fresno corresponds with the austere life of the Saint Abbot, also called Saint Anthony the Great. The symmetry and balance manifested in the facade of his church mirror his inner order and modesty. The small Latin cross that crowns the broad gable that surmounts the facade signifies the purity of the Saint's heart. The plain square tower reflects Roman taste in plain architectural structures. The large white Latin cross that crowns the tall plain tower is a sign of the Saint's victory over the Devil that unsuccessfully engaged himself in a constant battle with the Abbot. Terrifying the Saint by assuming numerous forms, the Devil tried to break the brave spirit of the Abbot. The chiaroscuro effect created by daily light and manifested in the strong contrast between light and shade on the outer walls of the edifice is a symbol of the battle between the Saint and the Devil, good and evil.

To be continued...


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