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Part 102: Art in Fresno's Christian churches

Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Fresno houses a beautiful painting representing the Holy Family. The three standing figures rendered in open space are Mary, Joseph, and the Child Jesus. Wearing a plain robe, the Child Jesus is portrayed in the center of the symmetrical composition. The figure of Mary with her arms crossed on her chest is placed on the left side of the painting. The figure of Joseph is situated on the right side. In his left hand, Joseph is holding a stem with white lilies. His right hand is placed on his chest. The divine facial expressions of Mary and Joseph indicate that they are both immersed in prayer. The masterly painted and proportioned figures of the Holy Family are clothed in plain robes and cloaks that are also beautifully executed. The masterful portrayal of Mary, Joseph, and the Child Jesus makes them an ideal family.

To be continued...


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