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Part 1 - The foul environment of Washington D.C.

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Representative of the 23rd district in NY, Tom Reed appeared May 29, 2014 on Frank Acomb’s show, Frankly Speaking! As usual Mr. Reed came on with how much he cares, a refrain that wears thin for me! How much he cares about the veterans because his father was a career military man. I don’t think his father should have anything to do with the reason he cares. How about caring because our veterans are being screwed blue by a disgustingly corrupt government.

Mr. Acomb chided me, perhaps deservedly from his perspective, for criticizing Rep. Reed, likening me to those republicans turning on each other. While I am registered a republican, I am not a tried and true republican. I am attracted to candidates of strong honesty and integrity. While I feel democrat politicians are 100% dishonest, I feel republicans are 75% dishonest making them unworthy of trust.

Reeds democrat opponents coming from the laughable Ithaca liberals are far worse than Reed. Reed is naïve, the Pollyanna view he has will not allow him to see his comrades in Congress as corrupt. However, if Reed does not withdraw his head from the dirt, clearing his vision, he is doing no good, only not as much bad as his opponents. That is not the kind of representation I want. Some honest vision and backbone would be desirable!

The degradation of the Veterans Administration has been in the process for many decades, perhaps since its inception. It is not an overnight happening. It is like an abandoned house rotting and deteriorating over years. Wood rots, pipes corrode and begin leaking. Rats infest and gnaw with nature at the structure, till the house finally caves in. This characterizes the Congresses oversight of the VA, their responsibility. This reflects their failure of oversight responsibilities throughout the federal government.

Now the House arrogantly wishes to bring people before them and display outrage over the VA’s incompetence. Not that those people are not responsible, but more so Congress that has failed to fulfill their own duties. They put the incompetent bureaucrats on the rack to once again avoid their own criminal negligence.