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Part 1: Contract for Deed vs. Mortgage Bank Option 612.615.9183

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How to purchase a home under Contract for Deed? A Contract for Deed can be a tricky real estate transaction. In general, buyers may pursue this sort of real estate transaction for a quick chance to qualify and take over a property. To learn more about Contract for Deeds call MN realtor Tash Casso at 612.615.9183.

Homeowners often write Contract for Deed deals as oppose to selling the property out right to avoid losing money. If the real estate market doesn't support a sale that will be profitable to the seller, Contract for Deeds help bide a sellers time until the market reaches the desired asking price.

Often times Contract for Deed deals don't end well for the seller or the buyer. One of the reasons is because buyers often don't qualify for the amount the contract was written for. The reason is simply because their is no "bank" approval process. In the case of a Contract for Deed, the seller is responsible for approving the deal.

To learn more about how to purchase a home under Contract for Deed, call Tash Casso at 612.615.9183 or send an email to Edina Realty Tash Casso, MN Licensed Realtor.