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Parrot helps police catch killer

The police have used animals to catch criminals and locate missing children before, but in an unusual twist, a pet parrot revealed the identity of its owner's killer. The Huffington Post reported the news on Feb. 27.

A parrot helped police catch its owner's killer
Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

Neelam Sharma, 45, was found murdered in her home on Feb. 20. In addition to the woman being found dead, the family's dog was also killed. However, the family's parrot, Hercule, was not harmed.

Neelam's husband, Vijay, notified the police in Arga, India after observing strange behavior from the bird. After the murder of his wife, Vijay noticed that the parrot would act "berserk" when his nephew, Ashutosh came to their home. However, that wasn't the only clue that something wasn't quite right. Whenever Ashutosh's name was mentioned, the bird would begin screeching. According to the Times of India, this caused Vijay to become suspicious and he notified the authorities.

Ashutosh was then questioned by police and he confessed to the crime. He said that he had an accomplice, which the Press Trust of India has identified as Ronny Massey. The two entered the home with the intention of stealing cash and valuables.

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