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Parrish Museum: Art & Fashion: Ross Bleckner + Calvin Klein, WWD Edward Nardoza

Daria Deshuk in Calvin Klein dress & Edward Nardoza WWD Editor in Chief
Daria Deshuk in Calvin Klein dress & Edward Nardoza WWD Editor in Chief
Cristine Wang taken with my iPhone

The Parrish Museum launched the first event in an annual series By Design: Innovators in Art & Fashion in Conversation. As with all Parrish programs, the series focused on its subject through the lens of the East End of Long Island. This year's event brought together two East End residents—artist Ross Bleckner and designer Calvin Klein—for an inspiring conversation moderated by Women's Wear Daily Editor-in-Chief Edward Nardoza.

It was incredible to meet the infamous Calvin Klein in person. The ads for his jeans back in the 80's with Brooke Shields, Kate Moss, Marky Mark were very eye catching to say the least. A simple pair of jeans is a must accessory, however Calvin Klein showed that luxe can be put into a pair of jeans just as posters as art can be high art. Although the jeans were his most famous item in the 80's, more basic cannot be the underwear as we know everyone needs it but unseen it is a luxury item . Starting from the most basic clothing item the term "designer" and "ready to wear" and "popular culture" are really historically synonymous with Calvin Klein and will go down in the books of fashion lore as a turning point in 20th century fashion art pop culture. He melded commerce with fashion seamlessly and elegantly as perhaps no one else had done except for Coco Chanel in early century Europe. His is a very American aesthetic that is simple and modern and reflects the pragmatic and functional most architectural of the many myriad designers out there. Although he insists that fashion is not art, I beg to differ and consider his works worthy of MoMa induction.

Similary, Ross Bleckner's work has as its basis the building blocks of life: the cell--however his are mutated and make us think about the fragility of life and the importance of the medical industry + professionals to assist us in prolonging life, and saving lives. He imbues an outwardly item with a transcendent yet morbid beauty that is at times tragic and authorities zen-like simplicity. Most of his color palette are neutrals and we look at the multiplicity of the cells as a fabric yet they individually have shade & shadow, a unique shape. His works make us question mortality as well as the individual in a greater society as well as uniqueness and conformity.

I applaud the Parrish for providing such an incredible forum for the convergence of these incredible artists and designers as well as the general public to explore the art and beauty in the everyday items and objects which we all use.

The Sunday afternoon conversation took place in the Lichtenstein Theater and afterwards guests gathered for drinks on the Mildred C. Brinn Terrace with the esteemed panelists.

The Parrish Art Museum is supported generously by Brandhampton Consulting, Jody Donohue, Etta Froio, and Martha McLanahan. Modern Luxury’s BEACH magazine was the Media Sponsor. Wines for the reception were provided by Wines of Argentina.

For future events at the Parrish Museum, contact 631-283-2118 x133 or e-mail

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#CristineWang in Dress by Chloe, lipstick by Colors NYC Coty, bag by Fendi, shampoo & conditioners hair by Garnier with Calvin Klein (fashion designer extraordinaire) in the Lichtenstein Theatre& #CalvinKlein

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Daria Deshuk (artist extraordinaire) in Calvin Klein dress & Vince Camuto shoes & Edward Nardoza (WWD Editor in Chief) reunited as Daria had done a WWD cover

#PeterHaveles & #Andrea #Greeven #Douzet (sister @CristinaCuomo @Modern_Luxury

#TerrieSultan in ANYI LU @AnyiLuShoes patent sling backs made in #Italy & the stunning #AnnikaConnor (artist)

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Luca Campiola his daughter Chiara, Q Malandrino & his son Nicholas

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