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Parkside High School assault update: Brutal hallway rape caught on tape (+Video)

The Parkside High School assault suspect, who is accused of brutally raping a 15-year-old female student in a hallway during class time, will be charged as an adult. The incident was also partially caught on tape, according to an updated report from WBOC on Thursday. The 17-year-old suspect was identified as Jocori Marece Scarborough and he is being charged with first- and second-degree rape, first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, kidnapping, false imprisonment and molestation at a school. He is currently out on bail.

Based on court documents, the Parkside High School assault occurred on May 5th at around 8:00 AM. Reportedly, the unidentified 15-year-old victim was walking with Scarborough, who made continued sexual advances towards her. The victim repeatedly told Scarborough no, which angered him, and he then grabbed the girl by the arm and pulled her down the hallway where he forced sexual intercourse upon her.

"Our most important critical piece of it is to take care of the young lady, we are attentive to what's happening in her life and taking care and supporting her in whatever manner is appropriate," said Dr. John Frederickson, superintendent of Wicomico County Public School District in Salisbury Md. "As we dig deeper, we'll have more information whether its from surveillance footage from the school, or from the bus, or from comments we might get on our tip lines."

Detectives with the Wicomico Bureau said video surveillance shows the teen grabbing the girl by the arm and then forcing her to an area of the school not captured by video surveillance. They also believe that he was aware of the location of the cameras because once in the area outside the video surveillance, he pulled the victim’s skirt up and proceeded to rape her.

"The initial travels were captured on video in the school. At this point, nothing indicating whether he did or did not know that he had moved to an area where he would not be captured by video," said Sgt. David Owens of the Wicomico Bureau of Investigations.

What shocked most was the brazen nature of the crime and the fact the Parkside High School assault happened at a time when students were supposed to be in class. Speaking with press during an interview regarding the incident, Wicomico County Schools Superintendent John Fredericksen said....“This is such an offensive act that it’s just unbelievable.” He also told media sources that Parkside High School is looking into policy changes — including staff training and moving cameras — that could help prevent futures incidents, NY Daily News reported.

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