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Parkside High School assault: Teen charged as adult for rape of girl

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A Parkside High School assault has shocked not only the residents of the small Maryland town of Salisbury, but others around the country as they learn of the incident. Students were just starting their day on Monday morning, but one 15-year old female began her school week as the victim of a vicious attack by a fellow student. She was raped in the hallway of the school while students and teachers were just feet away in class. On May 7, USA Today reported on the crime and the events that followed.

This young girl, who has not had her identity revealed, was attacked by a 17-year old male student. He made advances towards her. When she showed no interest in his advances, he dragged her down the hallway and raped her. This shocking incident has many asking how the attack could have happened with so many others near by.

Jocori Marece Scarborough has been arrested for this attack, and he is being charged as an adult for the rape. He has eight charges currently pending against him. The young female immediately reported the attack to school administrators. Not every female that is the victim of such an attack actually reports it. Parkside High has a school population of 1,150, and the school district has 7,500 female students.

John Fredericksen, the superintendent of the Wicomico County Public School System, spoke about the school, and he admitted there may be times where some areas of the school are empty because of how the school is set up. The investigation of this attack is still in-going, so Fredericksen and those investigating the crime could not say more about the incident. Delmarva Now is reporting that there is video of the suspect grabbing the girl.

What do you think? How could someone not hear such a vicious attack happening just outside classroom doors when school is in session?