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'Parks and Recreation' releases webisode starring Perd Hapley

The Hapley Group
The Hapley Group
Screenshot, via NBC

As fun as the Winter Olympics can be, it's also been kind of a bummer that our favorite NBC shows have been on a bit of a forced hiatus in the meantime. All will be normal again next week, but there's something to tide you over if you just can't wait for the next episode of Parks and Recreation.

On Thursday, NBC released a featured video companion to the show in the form of The Hapley Group, which centers around-you guessed it-the lovable but goofy newsman, Perd Hapley (Jay Jackson).

In the five-minute episode, which you can view here, Perd (did you know his full name is Perderick?) gets the first McLaughlin Group-esque roundtable discussion going with some of Pawnee's "foremost pundits." Included this time are Pawnee Today host Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins), Eagleton Now host Mike Patterson (Seth Morris), and dorky shock jocks Crazy Ira (Matt Besser) and The Douche (Nick Kroll) talking about the local smoking ban, the Olympics, and Obamacare.

There's even a commercial break featuring a plug for the newly-opened indoor farmer's market. Looks like things worked out for Nolan and Chardbodies after all!

Interested Pawneeans can check out The Hapley Group weeknights from 2:45 to 6:15 a.m. on Pawnee Cable Access. As the official Parks and Rec Twitter puts it, it's "Perdlicious!"

As for Parks itself, a new episode returns to NBC on Feb. 27 at 8:30/7:30 p.m.

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