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Parkour basics pt. 2

A traceur vaulting over a rail.
A traceur vaulting over a rail.

Consult your physician before beginning any training routine.

Flowing movement is the goal of Parkour. The feeling is similar to doing proper technique in Martial Arts. Each move should flow directly into the next. Be like water my friends.

Here are some of the basic movements of Parkour. DO NOT TRAIN AT UNNECESSARY HEIGHTS! Training should begin at ground level. It is for your safety and also to not disturb property owners.

Quadrupedal Movement "QM": It is a great low impact, full body workout.

Target or Precision Jump: A controlled, accurate and precise jump from one point to another. Start by jumping from one line on the ground to another and landing on the balls of your feet. For example like the ones in a parking space.

Various Types of Vaults: Lazy, Speed, Dash, Kong, Kash, Turn: Each type is different approach to an obstacle where it may be too high to safely hurdle or jump over.

Wall Run: As the name says, it is useful for clearing high walls.

Cat Hang: A controlled placement of hands and feet in order to latch on to a ledge or wall. It is also useful to catch yourself if you come up short on a jump. Start at ground level with a wall that is about waist height or up to level and practice jumping onto the wall.

Tic Tac: Used to change levels in order to clear an obstacle, similar to a wall run. Start off slow by stepping off of the wall and making a controlled landing to a point on the ground.

Muscle Up: Used to get up and over an obstacle. It is also a great upper body workout.

Rolling: Used to traverse under or over an obstacle and keep momentum. Also used to land safely from heights. START BY ROLLING ON GRASS TO DEVELOP THE MOVEMENT. Then move on to other surfaces.

Once these movements are mastered, then you can use creativity to combine and develop other movements. Parkour alone can be done for fitness, but it is recommended to supplement the training with conditioning. It will not only improve your physical attributes but it will also improve and add confidence to your movements. Be safe, train hard and most importantly have fun.