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Parking garage collapses in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Fire Department
Los Angeles Fire Department

In downtown Los Angles, a huge, multistory parking garage that was being constructed collapsed on Friday morning. In the parking garage collapse, fortunately, no one was injured, according to a Yahoo! News report on Friday afternoon.

Local transit and fire officials assert that a worker responsible for monitoring a concrete pour heard a sound at approximately 6:30 a.m. that was described as unusual. When he heard the sound, he radioed an announcement to get everyone off the construction site. By 8:50 a.m., everyone had been cleared from the site – and shortly thereafter, part of the structure collapsed.

The incident occurred at a garage located in the 800 block of Keller Street where the massive parking garage will cover a half-block when completed. Reportedly, the garage project is part of a larger MTA project which will add a modern, state-of-the-art bus maintenance facility to the area.

The project’s end date was supposed to be this summer, but it will now be extended due to the collapse – which is to be investigated by authorities.