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Parker Library offers GED preparation and testing

Parker Library
Parker Library in Parker, Colorado (Photo Melody Jones)

The Parker Library is an excellent resource for literacy programming, which is offered throughout the Douglas County Libraries district.

In cooperation with Colorado Educational Outreach, the Parker Library hosts two GED test preparation sessions per week and offers several GED testing sessions.

GED test prep occurs Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Students 17 years and older receive instruction, assessments and practice tests.  For those needing more hands-on instruction, tutors are available and can be requested by contacting Kate Prestwood at 303-688-7646 or by email at

The Parker Library is also hosting a pilot program.  Students who have not taken the formal GED test in 2010 may be eligible to earn up to $175 through the Computer Based Testing Pilot Program.  Participants are paid $15 for taking a computer-based GED practice test. An additional $20 will be paid to participants who score 410 or higher. Contact Ms. Prestwood as listed above if interested.

To take the GED test at the Parker Library, students must first register online at where they will receive an access code.  Once completed, students must call the library at 303-688-7646 to schedule testing dates and will need to provide name, date, tests, and the GED 123 access code.

On the day of testing, students are required to bring the following items:

  • Government issued photo ID
  • Proof of Colorado residency, such as a piece of mail, if ID is from another state
  • Confirmation from online registration at
  • Cash or money order to cover fee:  $90 for full test; $20 for per section for test retakes

To see the GED testing schedule at the Parker Library, go to the Douglas County Libraries website. The Parker Library is located at 10851 S Crossroads Dr, Parker CO 80134.

GED Facts

The GED exam has five test areas: Language Arts – Reading; Language Arts – Writing; Science; Social Studies; and Mathematics. There is one essay question under the Language Arts Writing Section.

Individual test scores range from 200 to 800. According to the Colorado Department of Education, students must score at least a 410 on each of the five tests.

GED tests may be taken no more than three times per year.  Students may retest in individual test areas and are not required to retake the entire exam.

For more GED information, log on to the Colorado Department of Education website.

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Melody Jones is the Parker Examiner.  Melody is a freelance writer with experience writing a variety of non-fiction subjects.  To view her humor blog, go to Join her author Facebook page.


  • Jaime Skelton 5 years ago

    Glad to see the library so involved with its community!

  • Mandy 5 years ago

    Libraries are such a good resource!

  • Faith Draper 5 years ago

    Excellent program - I wish they had something like this in our area - have a son who needs/wants to get his GED but we don't have the money for the tests.

  • Profile picture of Sara Broers
    Sara Broers 4 years ago

    Libraries should be used like this more often, a great resource for the whole community.

  • Kate Prestwood, Douglas County Libraries 4 years ago

    On behalf of the library, I wanted to follow up on this great article and provide some updated information. The computer based pilot program has ended - thank you those that participated. Also, the Douglas County Libraries GED Testing Center has a direct line now: 303-688-7736. The email address is The most up-to-date information and schedule can always be found on our website: Please contact the library with any questions.

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